Trump’s Immigration Order Suspends Visas for Foreign Nannies

Originally written and published by David Yanofsky on June 23, 2020 for

The suspension of various work-related US visas by president Donald Trump this week includes a provision to specifically bar people coming to the US to become au pairs.

The J-visa program has historically provided cheap live-in childcare to families who can house and feed a young foreigner, while spending about $1,500 a month for wages and fees to a facilitating organization. Families are expected to take the au pair with them on family outings and vacations.


Trump’s order suspends work-authorizing J-visa issuance to anyone but professors and researchers, as well as all H-1B, H-2B, and L visas. It does not apply to foreigners already working in the US, green-card holders, the spouses and children of US citizens, or other people officials determine to be “in the national interest.” It expires on Dec. 31, 2020.

That means no H1-B visas will be issued for foreign coders or engineers. Hotels and theme parks can’t hire summer-season workers from abroad. Multinational-companies wont be able to transfer managers into their US groups using L-1 visas, and there will be no J-1 visas for foreigners wishing to come to work as camp counselors or interns.

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