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Updated: Jul 28

Despite the new rule being rescinded, international students are still being denied visas.

On July 14, ICE agreed to rescind the rule requiring students to take in-person classes this fall or else leave the country. However, a group of state attorneys told a judge on Tuesday that ICE has not yet followed through on completely ending the policy. Even after July 14, international students have been told by consulates that they need proof that their studies will not be entirely online this fall. Visa applications have both been denied and put on administrative hold as recently as July 21. In court, the attorneys were asking for “guidance” to ensure that the agreement to rescind the policy stays in place.

New international students may still be barred from coming to the U.S. for an online semester.

Due to COVID-19, many universities are considering making the entire fall semester online. Recently, ICE rescinded a rule that would require international students to leave the U.S. or bar their admission to the U.S. if they are taking all online courses. However, it seems that the rule might apply to new international students after all. Harvard University sent an email to students on July 21, which said that incoming international freshmen would not be able to come to the U.S. because of visa restrictions. This ban will affect 200 new students at Harvard alone. No more information has been provided by either Harvard or ICE since the story broke. 

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